no subject? yeah i really need to start putting subject on the subject area

Oh God.... I really should start design my little corner here... im just so bad at maintaining a journal... Im alwyas like omg new years resolution! start a blog and be committed to it! (dont't get me wrong... im totally committed to this blog) I really dont know what to say! Don't want to be one of those ppl who just complain and complain on their journal! so....

Need to learn how to decorate my journal! first step! find the right yunnie and boojae background! and change the color scheme... and... oh god... im just so bad at this! every time when i go on other people's journals I always feel so bad about this corner of mine... so neglected! lol im not even sure how does it look like to others! lol anyways... once im done school i'll come back and decorate my journal! 

list of things to do after graduation
- decorate LJ journal! 
- update my software to mountain lion
- celebrate my graduation (maybe I'll start with this one!) 
- work
- continue to write blog
- clean/ organize my room...
- be successful and happy! 

I will win! fighting everybody! we are all winners! Eunhae fighting, Yunjae fighting, kpop fighting! hehe... oh btw my new OTP hunhan... hehe... oh exo... ur turning me into a pedo... lol 

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Omg I am so addicted!!!ve been stalking lj all day today and have done nothing for school!!!! Need to focus on school!!!!but what can I do when Im so in love with yunjae?!!!! Awhi want them to get back together one day!!! 

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not exactly excited for class and writing essay... plzz dear essays! write yourself! but on a brighter note! its sunny outside! 

tarantallegra- xia junsu!! hawwt hot! hot! i want to lick him all over! bahaha! almost feel bad that im mentally cheating on my baby hae! 
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